January 2019
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Before investing please have a look on few important points . Please AVOID these, if you are doing then STOP this immediately.Have a look on important do’s & don’ts to prevent your hard earned money from erosion.
1.*Don’t* delay your retirement planning. Remember there is a huge difference between investment and insurance.Please DON’T choose any insurance linked pension plan or retirement plan for the purpose of long term and short term goal. The Only purpose of Insurance is to Protect, for that a Term plan is sufficient.
BEST WAY for this is a SIP with calculated amount requires for your different goals.
2. *Don’t* invest in LIC / INSURANCE policies for investment purpose. Your hard earned money is not for charity. Please DO NOT choose any insurance/investment plan to oblige your friend/relative/Banker.Policies offered by near relatives just for the sake of there benefits not your.
BEST WAY for Wealth creations are equities in form of mutual funds, for conservative investors debt fund, ppf are good options. Take help of CFP ( Certified financial planner) consultant to draw a complete road map of your investments.
3.*DON’T* pay minimum due amount on your credit cards every month. Pay complete bill every month.

BEST WAY to pay total amount due prior 5day of due date. Use Credit card only in Emergencies. High use of credit card may erode your wealth and CIBIL, in case of any default.
4.*DON’T* buy consumer goods on EMIs.
BEST WAY is to save first and then buy later once you have enough money.
5.*DON’T* invest in quick rich schemes like MLM (multi level marketing)schemes. Most of the people are not cut out for that kind of work and in the end you will lose your friends,relations because they run away. It’s just a matter of time.
BEST WAY is to earn hard and invest wise across diversified asset class with the help of a good financial consultant.
6.*DON’T* lend money to friends,relatives. After that only one thing will come out of it and that is relationship gone sour.
BEST WAY is give money only those persons from where you never expect to get money back
7.DON’T trade in intraday,F&O and options as only handful(2–5%) of investors speculator beats the market .
BEST WAY find fundamentally good stocks and remain invested for long duration, for wealth creation.
8.DON’T use insurance policies for TAX SAVING purpose.
BEST WAY to tax save is ELSS MUTUAL FUNDS, SIP.Where lockin period is of just 3 years and you can use the fund after that as and when required.

9. Don’t allow Banks and agents to play with your financial health. Because less knowledge and greed to meet target will led your financial planning on the toss.

BEST WAY similar as a specialised doctor for your health, appoint a good financial consultant for your complete financial health check up at regular interval.

10. Don’t try to experiment with your hard earned money in the form of Direct Mutual fund and stock on the basis of recommendation,Rumors, Half knowledge .

BEST WAY- Each one have a specialised work area. Take the help of specialised consultant in above area to meet your financial goals.

Happy investing
Jay Bhatt